Girls Middle School A Soccer · Spartan Victory

4 Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
1 Trivium Preparatory Academy
Away   Home
Away Home
Scottsdale Preparatory Academy vs Trivium Preparatory Academy
4 1
1 2   -
2 2   1

On Thursday, November 29th, the Scottsdale Prep middle school girls soccer team left a hard-fought battle with a decisive 4-1 victory. The offensive dynamic duo of Kate Hauptman and Kate Willmering surgically dissected the defense, generating numerous scoring opportunities. The architects behind the offense’s precise play were Reagan Broderick and Arden Ricotta. Together, Reagan and Arden beautifully controlled the flow of the game, and it was Reagan’s powerful foot that sealed the victory for the Spartans as she unleashed a forceful strike for a goal from 25 yards out. The midfield’s precision was only possible with the exceptional play of Katie Holford and Maya Nagaraj. Their speed, poise, and quick decisions allowed them to effectively and skillfully control the wings.
However, a team is only as good as their defense, and the Spartans have one of the division’s most tenacious defenders – Madison Koetz. Madison’s intelligence, awareness, and skill permitted her to handel whatever offensive attack Trivium threw at her. Another defensive star was Lizzie Eiler. Lizzie commanded the stopper position and her speed and aggressive play was textbook. Completing the defense was newcomer to the position Brooke Nicoll and veteran defender Ana Cecy Frias. Brooke, only a sixth grade student, stepped on the field with the confidence and skill to not only compete at the “A” level, but excel. Brooke’s play was wonderfully complimented by Ana Cecy’s aggressive and intelligent play. Both Brooke and Ana Cecy shut down the wings. In goal was Raquel “Rocky” Lille. Rocky is a true natural. Rocky plays goal as though she has been playing the position for years, not days. Rocky’s feel for the position caps off the ferocious Spartan defense.

Like all great teams, depth is pivotal. Sabrina Manero entered the game and immediately contributed. Sabrina’s left mid-field play allowed her to burst up the wing to set up numerous scoring opportunities. Sienna Kindsfater, another sixth grade “A” team player, entered the game and ensured that the defense did not skip a beat. Sienna was able to collapse the Trivium offensive attack. Ellie Folkestad, another sixth-grade star, entered the game and immediately made an impact. Ellie made a notable play in the second half as she raced towards the ball and did not flinch when an opposing eighth grade Trivium player charged towards the ball. Ellie won the possession! Emma Wilson showed her versatility as a player as she played both offense and defense when her team was in need. Lily Rogers entered the game as midfield and helped set up some promising scoring opportunities, and played smart, sound soccer. Finally, Samah Choudhury entered the game at left midfield and she showed the poise and decisiveness to command the position.

The Spartans proudly represented their school and community and demonstrated that they are a formidable opponent, and they sent a simple message tonight – fear the Spartans!