Girls Middle School A Soccer · Spartans beat Paradise Honors to make it to the championship

2 Paradise Honors High School
3 Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
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Paradise Honors High School vs Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
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Growing up, I often read comic books, but never did I imagine I would meet an actual super hero. Last night, Kate Hauptman was that super hero! Consumed by sickness, Kate struggled to even move from the bench to the field to begin warmups. Every step seemed to made in agony, and it was a clear decision to have our superstar watch the match instead of playing in it. Minutes before the game started she confidently declared she was good to play; in fact, she nearly demanded to play. It was decided she play for as long as she could. Kate, in the short time she played amazingly put three goals away. Her play was simply inspiring. Her moves were elegant, her stride was superb, and her burst of speed was blazing. Pass after pass, she sliced through the defense with precision and created numerous scoring opportunities. Kate was, in the simplest of words, super human!
As amazing as Kate was, she needed a stellar mid-field to feed her the ball and a stout defense to shut down any opposing strikes. Every single Spartan elevated their game. They were faster, more intense, and more determined than Paradise Honors, which until last night, had a perfect season. Arden Ricotta, Reagan Broderick, and Katie Holford seemed determined not to have this their last game as a middle school Spartan player. Each girl showed fearless tenacity as they challenged every Paradise player, chased down every free ball, and never gave up until the final whistle. Arden and Reagan, on numerous occasions, worked beautifully in tandem as they fed each other give-and-go passes to navigate past the Paradise defense. Reagan unleashed her canon of a leg to drive several shots on goal. Arden, on the other hand, danced around the defense to thread accurate passes to the feet of crashing forwards. As for Katie, she was simply everywhere. Katie started in the stopper position, but that did not stop her from stealing the ball and aggressively pushing it forward. A common characteristic of Katie is her “never quit” drive.
The defense, captained by Madison Koetz, displayed incredible will as they battled back the last-minute surge by the Paradise offense. For most of the game, Madison, Lizzie Eiler, Ana-Cecy Frias, and Brooke Nicholl kept the Paradise squad scoreless. As the quick Paradise offensive front crashed towards goal, the defense worked with beautiful cohesion to create an impenetrable wall.
In what would be Rocky “The Wall” Lillie’s last game, she made certain to end a tremendous season with a bang! She was as big as the goal itself. Rocky made key saves that gave the Spartans the win. Her performance this season earned the Spartans their undefeated season and right to play in the championship. The championship game is officially dedicated to Rocky and it will be a game the Spartans are determined to win for her!